Summertime Sadness

This morning, I woke up and checked the Weather Channel App on my phone, as per regular morning routine. This way I always know how to feel. On a cloudy/rainy Monday, I feel gloomy and tired, and on sunny days, I am like a sparkling ray of sunshine. This morning I saw that the weather predictions for the next two weeks will be in the mid 70's to low 50's Fahrenheit, which, in Celsius is about 23 through 11 degrees. And although this may feel cold to some people, if the humidity levels are crisp, this is the perfect temperature to me. I went downstairs and decided to feel it for myself. The way the sun fell, and the sensations of the light, crisp breeze made me think of cozy autumn days. 

Suddenly, a burst of the southern Italian summer breeze passes by me and I cannot help but daydream about my time in the Amalfi Coast more than two years ago… Where has time gone? I feel like I was just standing on the golden grounds of Positano, taking pictures of the five-pound lemons, the size of my face, just yesterday.

The water, crystal clear like a dream, I had never seen anything like that. Capri was truly mesmerizing. That day, I remember it exactly, I was not feeling well but decided to still join the tour group around the city of Capri… Little did I know that was all I needed to feel well again. The waters were so turquoise blue (my favorite!!), and clear that you could see small fish swimming by; the life under that ocean I was standing next to seemed so immense, I felt small compared to the beauty of nature.

Lunch time could not have been more perfect, we sat by the ocean, and I ordered fresh salmon with nhoqui in a white, creamy, white wine sauce. If you don’t know what nhoqui is, you have to try it out! They are these small hand-rolled potato almost- dumplings that can be paired with any sauce. I am not lying when I say that was the best salmon and nhoqui I have ever had. And I’ve had too much nhoqui in my life for a 24 year-old. (My mom used to make it on the 29th of every month because it is a tradition in Brazil to put a money bill under your plate as you eat it to bring you luck). In addition to the fresh, wild-caught, salmon, the creamy white wine sauce with lots of shaved Parmesan cheese, combined into the best ocean-side dish. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the restaurant today, and I can't find any documentation of it, but it is a nice little spot with an extended deck above the blue Capri waters by the ocean. All I know is that we climbed and walked down many hills to get to the water... But it was worth all of the exercise and I would do it a million times again.


As I ate this amazing meal, heard the ocean sparkle and the smell of fresh salt water entered my nostrils, while the warm sunlight was kissing my skin, I couldn’t help but take it all in and think this was the most perfect day I have ever experienced. It didn’t matter that I was feeling sick before, that my family wasn’t there with me (although that would have made it even more perfect,) but my own company on a day like this in Capri made me realize I had never been more thankful to be born into this Earth.

I wasn't kidding about the face-sized lemons!  No wonder they have limoncello in every corner

I wasn't kidding about the face-sized lemons!

No wonder they have limoncello in every corner